Queen Bee

Design by Kim Lapsley Crochets.

This is the cutest queen bee amigurumi you’ll ever find. I love it so much because it’s crowned with an adorable crown. The other bee amigurumi are also available.

Queen Bee - FREE Crochet Pattern by Kim Lapsley Crochets
Queen Bee – FREE Crochet Pattern by Kim Lapsley Crochets

Use it as a child’s toy or for a cute decoration in your window or your indoor garden. As part of an indoor d├ęcor, you can make the Bee’s Knees Crochet Rug by Moogly. And if you’re planning on giving it as part of a baby shower gift, then you might also want to consider this Beehive Baby Beanie by Crochet Addict.

The possibilities of what you can do with this crochet bee pattern are endless. So why not make a few to have them ready for when the occasion calls. Plus, they are excellent stashbusters for your black and yellow yarns.

To crochet this you will need a 3mm crochet hook, your yarn, stuffing and some felt.

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