Spiked Cluster Hot Pad

Design by Rebecca Lynn.

This spike stitch hot pad is shown here in fall colors, making it great for your fall table and kitchen setting. However, this stitch looks great in any colors, making it great for other holidays as well.

Spiked Cluster Hot Pad by Rebecca Lynn

Enjoy making and using these double thick hot pads! I love hanging these hot pads in the kitchen for easy access. The crochet spiked cluster hot pad is also great for putting on your dining room table or kitchen counters to prevent heat damage from pots and pans. This pattern is very easy to follow once you learn how the “Spiked Cluster” stitch works.

Make sets of these for gifts for this upcoming holiday season, or even for thanksgiving platters, serving bowls, and plates! They add such a cute look to all variations of dining room tables and counters.


  • 2 colors yarn of choice (I used acrylic medium worsted)
  • 5.00 mm crochet hook
  • Yarn needle

Skill Level: Easy

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