Beret Pattern

This vintage pattern is made available by Free Vintage Crochet.

Beret Pattern ~ FREE Vintage Crochet
Beret Pattern ~ Free Vintage Crochet

This vintage hat pattern fits a head size of 20 inches. It’s in the shape of a cone, which might make this perfect for a cool party hat! Perfect for a child, teen and maybe even a small adult as well.

You will need a No. 8 crochet hook and yarn that meets the recommended gauge.

Mushroom Hat

Not only is this crochet mushroom hat available in all sizes for your family, but it is also beginner-friendly!

Zebra Hat

Beginner-friendly and available in multiple sizes, this crochet zebra hat pattern is perfect for everyone.

Lion Hat

Whether you need something to keep warm or to keep your kids at play, this crochet lion hat is perfect for .both

Horse Hat

This crochet horse hat pattern is available in multiple sizes from baby to adult.

Polar Bear Hat

Available in all sizes, this crochet polar bear hat pattern is perfect for all your winter adventures.

Bunny Hat

Whether you need something fun for Easter or everyday fun, this crochet bunny hat pattern is waiting for you to make him/her for your family.

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