Free PDF Crochet Patterns

What’s better than free crochet patterns? How about having them in a pdf format? PDF crochet patterns are print-ready, so you can print them and have them ready for when you are ready to crochet!

And if you’re like me, who doesn’t like to waste money on ink and printing paper, PDFs can be stored on your computer, your phone, a drive or any virtual storage cloud. This way you can access them on the go wherever you are!

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A Little About These Free Crochet Patterns in PDF Format

These patterns are available in separate PDF files, so you download only the files that you want!

Plus, some of them are brought to you by my sister site: CrochetNCrafts. So be sure to check that out as well.

Lacy Waves Crochet Scarf

The lacy waves fall scarf features a pretty lace to make this ideal for every season and occasion throughout the year! The open lace is not only pretty, but it allows airflow so you can wear it to accessorize your favorite outfits.

Best of all, this crochet pattern provides you with a stitch multiple, which then makes it easy for you to not only adjust the size for a scarf, but you can also crochet a wrap, blanket and so many other things.

Striped Moss Stitch Shawl

This easy crochet shawl pattern is worked up in the moss stitch using two colors. I chose fall colors, but other colors will look just as well.

The shawl is started at the bottom point, so you can crochet this to any size you want from a small kerchief to a large over-sized shawl if you like.

I used a soft yarn, called Angora Comfort by Ice Yarns. But choose your favorite acrylic, cotton or any other yarn that you like to make this.

Bead Stitch Baby Blanket

If you love pretty textures, then you will love this crochet baby blanket. The bead stitch, also known as the slanted cluster stitch is worked in rows between an open stitch to give you a little bit of lace and textures.

This baby blanket will make for a nice baby shower gift for both genders. However, a stitch multiple is provided so you can easily make this in bigger sizes using thicker yarns as well.

Eyelet Rows Crochet Blanket

Worked up in a super bulky yarn, this blanket crochets up quickly and also gives you a lovely soft texture that everyone will enjoy!

A stitch multiple is provided, making it easy to adjust the size for any sized blanket you need.

Simple Stripes Crochet Bag

Simple Stripes Single Crochet Bag

This crochet bag pattern is not only pretty, but it is beginner-friendly, and you can use up a few odds and ends!

Simply choose a few cottons of the same brand, and you can add all kinds of pretty stripes to this homemade bag.

Line it for an extra strong and durable bag and gift it to anyone who can never have enough bags.

24/7 Cotton Crochet Dishcloths

Free PDF Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

We all do dishes, right? So why not throw in a few patterns for crocheted dishcloths?

We have three dishcloth patterns in one pdf. All three patterns call for Lion Brand 24/7 cotton yarn.

But, the best part about these patterns is that they all provide you with a multiple for your starting chains, so you’re not limited to just dishcloth! You can use these patterns to make blankets, placemats, floormats and so much more!!!

Crochet Bracelet and Necklace

Do you have a princess who loves to play dress-up? And do you have a bunch of those tiny balls of leftovers that you can’t really use in any projects? You know the ones that are leftover after you’ve busted through your stash, like once or twice already?

If so, your problem is solved! This necklace, although it’ll look most elegant in a thread, could be worked up in other yarn weights to help you stay on top of your yarn stash.

Barbie Dress and Ruffled Scarf

Barbie Dress and Ruffled Scarf

Here is another one for your princess. Except this one is for her doll.

The set includes a dress and a pretty ruffled scarf to keep her doll warm year-round.

Barbie Doll Blanket

Last but not least, a cute little doll blanket to keep your child’s doll nice and cozy.

Use up your leftovers and make a whole bunch of these for Christmas and birthday gifts so they can keep all their small dolls warm and cozy.