Bunny Comfort Blankie

Design by Salena Baca for Red Heart.

Bunny Comfort Blankie by Salena Baca for Red Heart
Bunny Comfort Blankie by Salena Baca for Red Heart

Every child needs a little comfort every now and then… and this bunny blankie is the perfect stuffie to provide that comfort. The lovey works up quick and is perfect for toddlers.

You will need a worsted weight yarn and an I crochet hook.

Leo the Lovey

This beautiful baby lovey features the Jacob’s ladder stitch to add in some beautiful textures.

Crochet Hippo Lovey

This adorable hippo lovey is a simple pattern that uses basic shapes and stitches.

Little Lovey

The Little Lovey is perfectly sized for little hands that are learning to grab.

Sleeping Kitty Lovey

What a great lovey to make for your special little one or to donate to the numerous charities that collect items for children in need.

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