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Empire Luncheon Set

This vintage pattern is made available by Free Vintage Crochet.

Empire Luncheon Set ~ Free Vintage Crochet
Empire Luncheon Set ~ Free Vintage Crochet

As a table setting, these would go on my patio, if I had one … because … they remind me of the sun. As for the home, they’d be on my center tables or on the bedroom dressers.

The set includes a plate doily, glass doily and a bread and butter doily.

You will need a size 10 crochet thread and a  No. 5 crochet hook.

Mexicana Luncheon Set #7075

This pattern is for the edgings only. It provides instructions for a placemat and table runner; however, I imagine you could use this pattern on just about all linens.

Wild Rose Tray Mat #7081

This placemat pattern has a pretty filet rose that’s inserted into the corners of a piece of linen.

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