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Christmas Stocking Pixel Square

Design by Repeat Crafter Me.

Christmas Stocking Pixel Square ~ Repeat Crafter Me
Christmas Stocking Pixel Square ~ Repeat Crafter Me

This c2c tapestry afghan square measures 15″ square. It’s cozy, it’s decorative, and perfect for all your holiday celebrations, whether it be in a blanket, as a doily or in a bag.

You will need a worsted weight yarn in colors shown and an F crochet hook to complete this beauty.

Mountain Pine Tree Crochet Blanket

Just like nature would have it, there are no two trees alike! And this blanket also has a different design for each tree! Very unique and festive for the holidays.

Easy Crochet Christmas Blanket

Not only is this crocheted in pretty Christmas colors, but it also looks like it is super cozy to keep you warm during holiday snowfalls.

Bobblehead Gingerbread Lovey

This gingerbread lovey makes for the perfect gift during the Christmas Holidays, at a baby shower throughout the year!

Christmas Blanket

This festive afghan features four adorable Christmas characters to keep you and your family nice and cozy.

Nordic Dove c2c Square

This beautiful dove square is perfect for decorating your entire home for the holidays.

Christmas Sloth

This sloth c2c is all decked out for the Christmas holidays. The finished size measures 24 by 33.5 inches, making it a great wall hanging or as part of a graphghan.

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