Crochet Ripple Afghan

Design by Amy Lehman.

Crochet Ripple Afghan by Amy Lehman
Crochet Ripple Afghan by Amy Lehman

The Crochet Ripple Afghan is a timeless and versatile piece, beloved for its classic ripple pattern that adds texture and visual interest. Crafted with rows of peaks and valleys, it creates a captivating wave-like effect that’s both cozy and eye-catching. Whether draped over a sofa, spread across a bed, or used as a snug wrap on a chilly evening, this afghan exudes comfort and style. With endless color combinations and variations in stitch patterns, each ripple afghan becomes a unique expression of the crafter’s creativity. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned crocheter, the ripple afghan remains a beloved project, offering both satisfaction in its creation and warmth in its use.

Finished Size: 70″ by 68″


  • Medium worsted yarn
  • H hook

Skill Level: Easy

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