Easter Bitty Bunny

Design by NyanPon.com.

Easter Bitty Bunny by NyanPon.com
Easter Bitty Bunny by NyanPon.com

This adorable Easter bunny makes for a lovely stashbuster. It’s cute in a solid pink, but why not a number of colors for a cheerful spring bunny.

Ooh and you gotta love that adorable pom pom tail!

You will need a worsted weight yarn, an F crochet hook and a stuffing.

More More Amigurumi Bunnies to Try

Charlie & Angel Bunny

The two amigurumi bunnies are so adorable decked out in their bright and cheerful clothes.

Rose Girl Bunny

This adorable bunny girl only measures abotu 6.5″ tall not counting in the ears.

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