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LaLa Loopsy Shawl/Capelet, Purse & Shoes

Design by Manda Proell from MandaLynn’s Crochet Treasures.

LaLa Loopsy Shawl/Capelet, Purse & Shoes by Manda Proell of MandaLynn's Crochet Treasures
LaLa Loopsy Shawl/Capelet, Purse & Shoes by Manda Proell of MandaLynn’s Crochet Treasures

This is an adorable set for the LaLa Loopsy doll. This set is for the shawl, purse and shoes. The dress to match is available here: Summer Ruffle LaLa Loopsy Dress

It’s hip, and any girl will be lucky to have it for her doll collection. I love the green and black, but other colors in your yarn stash should work as well.

You will need a worsted weight yarn and a G crochet hook.

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