Sun Showers Weather Appliqués

By Rose Hudd from Hookfully.

These cheerful spring and summer appliques would make for a lovely baby blanket. And if you stiffen them, you could also hang them from a baby mobile.

Sun Showers Weather Appliqués by Rose Hudd from Hookfully. Available are the sun, a rainbow, a rain cloud and an umbrella.
Sun Showers Weather Appliqués by Rose Hudd from Hookfully

The sun showers weather appliqué crochet pattern bundle includes a rainbow, a sun, a cloud, raindrops and an umbrella. The appliqués are various sizes up to 11cm. They can be sewn onto almost any crochet project to create a sun shower weather theme.

Finished Size: Up to 10cm


  • Dk yarn
  • 4mm hook

Skill Level: Easy

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