18″ C2C Alphabet Square

By Alexandra of EyeLoveKnots.

With 18 inches, this square is perfect for pillows, bags, blankets and so much more! The square is shown here in the X and O, but all 26 letters are available as well!

18" C2C Alphabet Square by Alexandra of EyeLoveKnots

I wanted an “X” and “O” pillow to decorate my home for Valentine’s Day this year. I have tons of decorations for other holidays, but surprisingly only two items for Valentine’s Day (that you see in the photos, hehe), so I thought I’d add in some pillows as those are my favorite thing to make. This pattern is just showing how to make the 18” square, and while I’m creating throw pillows with mine, you can: use them as afghan squares and sew a bunch together to make a blanket or a small rug, string the square up on a dowel and use as a wall hanging, use the square as a doily on a table, use the square as the star of the show of a cardigan or top, etc! For reference, the letter “X” took me just over 4 hours to complete.

Finished Size: 18″ Square


  • 300ish Yards Total of Worsted Weight Yarn – I used Red Heart’s Super Saver in Buff and Soft White, H8/5mm Crochet Hook and Tapestry Needle
    • Red Heart Super Saver is my favorite for home projects because it’s durable and machine washes and dries well, but I also like Caron One Pound and Bernat Super Value – the letter “O” took 245 yards, and the “X” took 280 yards. While the overall gauge isn’t important, it is important that the gauge for both yarns that you use are the same.
  • I had to use an H8/5mm for my Soft White, and I9/5.5mm for my Buff.

Skill Level: Easy

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