Afternoon Sunlight Shawl

Design by ABC Knitting Patterns.

Afternoon Sunlight Shawl by ABC Knitting Patterns
Afternoon Sunlight Shawl by ABC Knitting Patterns

This is one of the most beautiful crocheted shawls I have seen. The motifs imitate the sun to help brighten everyone’s day.

Plus, it’s nice and lacy, which makes it perfect for all seasons, including summer.

The pattern calls for an aran weight yarn and an F crochet hook.

Cute Red Dragon Shawl

This summery shawl is worked up in a light material using a lacy crocodile stitch pattern.

Butterfly Wrap

This lacy wrap is perfect for the summer or winter. It is sure to add warmth in the winter, and the open lace makes it perfect for summer as well.

Slanted Little Fans Wrap

Crochet this slanted little fans wrap to any size that you want, thus making it great for women, teens and young girls.

DROPS Shoulder Wrap

This beautiful lacy shoulder wrap is so perfect over a tank on the cooler days in summer!

Hairpin Lace Stole

I’ve never tried hairpin lace, but it doesn’t look very hard .. you just need a special loom for this type of crochet.

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