Bear Claw Crochet Stitch

Tutorial by Candy Lifshes from Meladora’s Creations.

Bear Claw Crochet Stitch by Meladora's Creations
Bear Claw Crochet Stitch by Meladora’s Creations

A lady in my Facebook group shared a picture of an afghan she made a long time ago and has now lost the pattern. She thought it might have been called Bear Claw, but wasn’t sure.

So I did my best to recreate it by looking at the pictures she shared in the group and this is what I came up with! It’s the perfect stitch to create items for the entire family.

It really is a simple stitch! Don’t let the Front post triple crochets scare you, it’s super easy to get down and there’s only 4 repeating rows that can be done in your sleep.

Tutorial includes a left and right handed video.

Materials: I used worsted weight yarn and a 5 mm hook

Skill Level: Easy

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