Bleeding Hearts Pan Holders

This pattern is made available by Antique Crochet Patterns.

Bleeding Hearts Pan Holders ~ Antique Crochet Patterns
Bleeding Hearts Pan Holders ~ Antique Crochet Patterns

This potholder pattern is a lot simpler than what it looks. First you crochet the holder, then the appliques are crocheted and attached in desired spots. It’s a great pattern for Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

You will need a mercerized cotton yarn and a number 9 crochet hook as well as material for lining the back.

Diamond Hot Pad and Pot Holder

I love crocheted Pot holders and Hot pads because they are easy to make, the make great gifts and they are a stash buster!

Glamping Trivet

This is a retro inspired trivet that will add color and fun to your table.

Double Oven Mitt

This double oven mitt lets you both hands, so no more scrambling for a second hot pad when you need to lift a heavy dish!

Giant Circle Potholder

This crochet potholder starts off with a circle then working into a square. It’s a simple simple stitch pattern, but the variegated yarn adds a nice color design.

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