Blossom Lace Dishcloth

Design by CrochetNCrafts.

Blossom Lace Dishcloth ~ Rhelena – CrochetN’Crafts

This dishcloth has a bit of lace to it. It’s nice in a variegated or solid color yarn. And it’s great for the kitchen or the bath. The stitch pattern also looks great in a solid color, or in a striped color design.

The pattern is available in two sizes.

You will need a worsted weight cotton yarn and an H crochet hook to complete this.

Simple Dishcloth

A pretty textured dishcloth for your kitchen or for any gift basket.

Turkey Gobble Dishcloth

Here is a pretty turkey dishcloth pattern to help take the blah out of washing dishes for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Go Scrub in the Corner Dishcloth

I love this dishcloth… it’s so nifty. It’s got a cool little scrubbie in the corner for pots and pans and other items that need scrubbing.

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