Criss Cross Phone Cozy with Belt

By CrochetNCrafts.

Criss Cross Phone Cozy with Belt by Rhelena of CrochetN'Crafts
Criss Cross Phone Cozy with Belt by Rhelena of CrochetN’Crafts

Here is a nifty way to keep your phone close to you while at work.

It’s a versatile pattern, and you can crochet it as shown with the cozy and belt. The cozy is also great by itself, without the belt. Or crochet the belt and wear it with your favorite long shirt or even a dress.

To crochet this you will need a #3 thread and a 4.00mm and a 3.00mm crochet hook. If making the belt, you’ll also need a belt buckle.

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  1. I intend to make this but also had the idea for adding the phone cozy to my purse strap since they are usually detachable. Thanks for the pattern.

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