Crochet Baby Sock/Slipper

Design by Aamragul from Crochet/Crosia Home.

Crochet Baby Sock/Slipper by aamragul
Crochet Baby Sock/Slipper by aamragul

This is a simple to make pattern for some very warm baby socks. My little one likes to have crochet slippers as they are warmer yet breathable. There is a video tutorial with this so that you can see how to efficiently make them for your little one. Change up the colors, make them bigger or smaller, add non-slip dots on the soles; there is so many ways you can make these custom for your little ones needs. 

Pattern is for 3-6months with ability to change sizes included

Materials Needed:

  •  Worsted 4 ply same weight- 2 colors
  •   3 mm/ US 3.25 D hook
  • Crochet needle
  • Scissors

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