Crochet Frog

Design by Amy Lehman.

Crochet Frog by Amy Lehman
Crochet Frog by Amy Lehman

A crochet frog is a whimsical and adorable amigurumi creation that captures the charm of its real-life counterpart. Crafted with soft yarn and stuffed with love, a crochet frog makes a delightful addition to any toy collection or nursery decor. With its big round eyes and cheerful smile, it brings joy and playfulness wherever it goes. Whether gifted to a child or kept as a treasured keepsake, a crochet frog is sure to hop its way into hearts with its crocheted charm.

Finished Size: 3 inches wide by 4 inches long


  • G hook
  • Green Velvet yarn
  • 8 mm eyes
  • Yarn Needle

Skill Level: Easy

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