Crochet Knotty Knockers

Design by Shaz from The Knotty Lace.

Crochet Knotty Knockers by Shaz from The Knotty Lace.
Crochet Knotty Knockers by Shaz from The Knotty Lace.

In conjunction with 🎗️ breast cancer awareness month, I would like to Introduce the Knotty Lace Knotty Knockers aka Crochet Boobs! These knockers come in 8 sizes and are easily adjustable. You can also find the Video tutorial on my YouTube channel where it is worked up in cup size B.

Make some for those who need them. #breastcancerawareness

Finished Sizes: A – H Cup


  • Yarn weight: Category 3
  • Brand: Lion Brand Coboo
  • Color: Pink & Tan
  • Hook: 2.5mmGauge: 23 Sc Sts x 20 Rows = 4”x 4”
  • No. Skeins for Yarn A: 1 for all sizes.
  • No. Skeins for Yarn B: [A/B/C/D] [E/ F/ G/H] – [1/ 1/ 1/ 1] [1/ 2/ 2/ 2]
  • Tools: tapestry needle, measuring tape, scissors, Stitch markers, Fiber Fill Stuffing

Skill Level: Easy

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