Crochet Leaf

Design by Amy Lehman.

Crochet Leaf by Amy Lehman
Crochet Leaf by Amy Lehman

A crochet leaf is a charming representation of nature’s elegance, meticulously crafted with yarn and hook. Each stitch lovingly brings to life the intricate details of a leaf, from its delicate veins to its graceful contours. Crochet leaves can be adorned with varying shades of green, reflecting the diversity of foliage found in nature. They serve as versatile embellishments, adding a touch of whimsy to blankets, garments, and accessories. With their timeless beauty, crochet leaves capture the essence of the natural world, inviting us to appreciate the artistry of handmade crafts.

Finished Size: 5 inches


  • medium worsted yarn
  • F hook

Skill Level: Easy

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