Easiest and Fastest Crochet Rib Blanket

Design by rajiscrafthobby.

Easiest and Fastest Crochet Rib Blanket by rajiscrafthobby.
Easiest and Fastest Crochet Rib Blanket by rajiscrafthobby.

Crochet Blankets finished off with textured look are the best. The textured look of the Finished Crochet Blanket is beautiful to look at. The textured stitches often adds bulk and make the Blanket more squishy. There are many Crochet Stitches which you can combine to get a textured look.

Here is the pattern for a Easiest and Fastest Crochet Rib Blanket. The cool Ribbed texture and look is made by working the Double Crochets in the Slip Stitches. This blanket pattern is made with only Double Crochets and Slip stitches. These two stitches work very well together and the blanket itself is quick to whip up.

Finished Size: Free Size


  • 12 Ply Bulky Yarn
  • 6 mm Crochet Hook

Skill Level: Easy

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