Hot Plate Mats

This vintage pattern is made available by Free Vintage Crochet.

Hot Plate Mats by Free Vintage Crochet
Hot Plate Mats by Free Vintage Crochet

Here are two gorgeous plate mats patterns on Free Vintage Crochet. One features four small flowers, and the other is one large petaled flower. Both are great for adding a bit of summer cheer to your kitchen table.

You will need a crochet cotton and a size 10 crochet hook.

Bald Eagle Potholder

This eagle potholder pattern makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves the wildlife. Or, for anyone who is proud to be American!

Giraffe Potholder

Here is the perfect addition to your animal-themed kitchen. Personally, I think this would also make for a nice wall hanging or coaster for throughout the home.

Beaver Potholder

Here is a fun potholder for your kitchen. It’s not only fun and decorative, but also a great way to get your kids to be more active in your kitchen.

Ice Cream Cone Potholder

This ice cream potholder is perfect for the hot summer holidays, but could be used throughout the year. They would also make for nice coasters at your desk or table.

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