Seed Stitch Cuff Bracelet

By Oui Crochet.

Seed Stitch Cuff Bracelet ~ Oui Crochet
Seed Stitch Cuff Bracelet ~ Oui Crochet

This stylish bracelet is not only decorative on the wrist, but it’ll make for a nice warmer in the winter as well. It’s a great project for girls to learn how to crochet, while making something they will enjoy wearing.

Another bonus of this pattern is that you can use up your yarn stash and even work this up in stripes using the smallest amounts of scraps.

You will need a craft twine, a 3.25 crochet hook and a button.

Chain Wrap Bracelet

This chain wrap bracelet is the easiest pattern for a beginner. It’s not only quick and easy, but it’s also stylish! 

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