Simple and Easy Crochet Blanket Pattern

Design by rajiscrafthobby.

Simple and Easy Crochet Blanket Pattern by rajiscrafthobby.
Simple and Easy Crochet Blanket Pattern by rajiscrafthobby.

I have always loved quick crochet projects. Crocheting a Blanket with simple repetitive stitches definitely falls under the category of easy and quick crochet projects. Making crocheted blanket is often fun , enjoyable and very relaxing. They are less complex that other crochet patterns such as crochet clothing or wearable crochet accessories.

Here is a Simple and Easy Crochet Blanket Pattern. This quick blanket pattern will be a joy to work up on. This would also be ideal for making a last minute gift for your loved ones. This pattern just used Double Crochet stitches worked up to form a pattern. Its a repeat of certain rows which forms the blanket’s pattern.

One thing that I love about making simple crochet blanket patterns is that its perfect for beginners and you actually don’t have to keep a track of the stitches till the end of the project.

Finished Size: Free Size


  • 8 Ply Cotton Speckled Yarn
  • 4 mm Crochet Hook

Skill Level: Easy

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