Tube Scarf – using the Butterfly Stitch

Design by Candy Lifshes from Meladora’s Creations.

Tube Scarf – using the Butterfly Stitch by Candy Lifshes from Meladora's Creations.
Tube Scarf – using the Butterfly Stitch by Candy Lifshes from Meladora’s Creations.

A Crochet Tube Scarf is awesome to have if you live in cold places because it’s double thick! Not to mention it’s great for using stitches that look better while crocheting in the round like my Butterfly crochet stitch does! I had thought to use my Raspberry crochet stitch, but since the look of the stitch gets made on the back I rethought that idea, because you really don’t want to turn it inside out and stretch it.

Because of this reason you want to carry your colors along with you when you make a color change. If you’ve ever done tapestry crochet then you already know how to carry your color with you and change mid row.

Finished Size: adult


  • YARN: I used 5 colors of Worsted weight yarn, 4 ply US, 10 ply AU
  • HOOK: 6 mm hook or size J hook for the US

Skill Level: Easy

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