All the Glamour Shawl

Design by Kristin Omdahl for Red Heart.

All the Glamour Shawl ~ Krisin Omdahl - Red Heart
All the Glamour Shawl ~ Kristin Omdahl – Red Heart

A beautiful lacy shawl crochet pattern that can be worn year-round. The open lace makes this perfect for summer weddings and other summer events. It’s a nice cover without adding too much heat to your outfit.

To crochet this you will need Red Heart Boutique Swank yarn and an H crochet hook.

Falling Leaves Shawl

The brown is a perfect match for the fall, but in a green you could make this for the summer also.

Evening Flower Shawl

Wear this evening shawl by Tracie Barrett as a scarf or as a wrap over the shoulders.

Lacy Flower Shawl

This lacy flower shawl by Meladora’s Creations is perfect for keeping you warm throughout the seasons.

Alluring Shawl

This gorgeous lace shawl is perfect for any season of the year.

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