Crochet Rectangle Basket with Dividers made in Rounds

Design by rajiscrafthobby.

Crochet Rectangle Basket with Dividers made in Rounds by rajiscrafthobby.
Crochet Rectangle Basket with Dividers made in Rounds by rajiscrafthobby.

Crochet Baskets are Perfect for Home Storage. They are a great option if you are looking out for a quick organizing crochet project. The fun and the most awesome thing about making a Crochet Basket is that, you can make them in size of your choice with the same pattern. Using the same pattern you can make them in various sizes of your choice by increasing the number of rounds in the base of the basket. Using different yarns gives you a different textured basket. They are of course pretty easy and quick to make.

Today am sharing the Pattern for this very useful Crochet Rectangle Basket with Dividers made in rounds. The dividers make the basket even more handy and easy to sort out your knickknacks. These are perfect for storing toys , yarn , needles or make them in bigger size and you can also store blankets , laundry and more.

I prefer using thicker yarn like T-shirt yarn, Bulky or Chunky yarn. They make those Crochet Baskets sturdy and stiff. You can make one with any yarn of your choice…… Chunky Yarn….. Macrame Chord….Jute Twine… or just use Two or Three strands of yarn to give it a bulky texture. Just remember to change the hook size according to the yarn you would like to use.

Finished Size: Free Size


  • Bulky Yarn
  • 6 mm Crochet Hook

Skill Level: Easy

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