Crunch Stitch Swiffer Pad

By Caitlin Jenkins from Caitlin’s Contagious Creations.

Crunch Stitch Swiffer Pad by Caitlin's Contagious Creations
Crunch Stitch Swiffer Pad by Caitlin’s Contagious Creations

This easy crunch stitch Swiffer pad crochet pattern is the perfect solution for your cleaning budget! No more buying expensive Swiffer sweeper cover refills. Make your own, reusable, washable pads with this easy to follow, step by step design. If you can do a half double crochet and a slip stitch, you can crunch stitch!

Finished Size: One Size – Fits Standard Swiffer Sweeper

Uses cotton yarn and a size H8 crochet hook.

Skill Level: Easy

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