Grey and Pink Plarn Recycled Bag

Design by My Recycled Bags.

Grey and Pink Plarn Recycled Bag ~ My Recycled Bags
Grey and Pink Plarn Recycled Bag ~ My Recycled Bags

This plarn bag looks like a good size for books or anything you’d take along in your purse. Plus, it doesn’t have to cost you anything when you use up your old grocery bags. It’s just a matter of time to make the plarn and then the crocheting time. It’s a great gift idea for anyone who is concerned about saving the environment.

You will need plastic bags cut into plarn and a J crochet hook.

Stitch’n Style Handbag

With the pretty colors in this bag, you could use up your smaller amount of yarn to whip this up.

Outlined Squares Shoulder Bag

This shoulder bag is done up in two colors and is worked in rows to create two panels, which are then sewn together to create the bag.

Crochet Tote

A nicely textured bag pattern. It’s on the smaller side, but with a larger hook and thicker yarn you can easily increase the size if you want.

My Campground Bag

So simple, yet so pretty! It’s the perfect size for personal items during camping or travelling.

American Car Tote Bag

This is so handy to have in any vehicle, especially during the winter with that cute little tissue pocket.

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