Club Snappy Scarf

Design by Snappy Tots.

Club Snappy Scarf ~ Snappy Tots
Club Snappy Scarf ~ Snappy Tots

This scarf has a gorgeous texture and color tone to it. It’s available in one size and I would say it can be worn by both men and women, depending on your color choice.

You will need a worsted weight yarn in two colors and an I crochet hook.

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Zig Zag Tube Scarf

This crochet scarf is worked in a tube to give you a double layer, making it perfect for those living in extreme winter temperatures.

Wrapped in Hope Scarf

This is a beautiful scarf to bring hope to those affected by breast cancer. As you can see, it can be crocheted with one or two colors. Personally, I love the two colors.

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