DIY Round Crochet Storage Basket

Design by rajiscrafthobby.

DIY Round Crochet Storage Basket by rajiscrafthobby.
DIY Round Crochet Storage Basket by rajiscrafthobby.

I love when I can create something handmade to use around my home. Crochet Baskets are one of my favorite ways to organize my home. There are all kinds of crocheted basket shapes , right from round, oval , square or rectangular pattern you can make to organize your stuff at home. Using different yarns and stitch textures you can make beautiful collection of crochet basket patterns to make your home well organized. You can also easily adjust the size of the basket to your needs.

Today am sharing the pattern for a very quick and easy Round Crochet Storage Basket. The pattern is made with a combination of Front post and Back Post Double Crochets which gives the basket a lovely textured look. Using a bulky and chunky yarn is always a good choice to make a sturdy basket. Crochet baskets not only make your home well organized, they are also a great for gift giving to your loved ones.

Finished Size: Free Size


  • 10 Ply Cotton Bulky Yarn
  • 6 mm Crochet Hook

Skill Level: Easy

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