Oval Thread Doily

Design by Crochet ‘N’ More.

This crochet doily features a simple, yet pretty, lace that will look great on any coffee table, a dresser, or any other shelf. It is worked up in a thread, so it will take a bit longer to make, but it’ll last for years if taken care of.

Oval Thread Doily by Crochet 'N' More
Oval Thread Doily by Crochet ‘N’ More

Crocheted doilies are also great at weddings, especially when they are worked up in thread.

The color of your thread makes all the difference for the occasion. An orange or black would make it great for Halloween.

Finished Size: 9.5″ by 5.5″


  • Size 10 Thread
  • Size E crochet hook

Skill Level: Easy

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