Lacy Flower Shawl

Design by Candy Lifshes from Meladora’s Creations.

Lacy Flower Shawl ~ Meladora's Creations
Lacy Flower Shawl by Meladora’s Creations

This lacy flower shawl is perfect for keeping you warm in the winter, but you can also use it as a cover-up or evening shawl in the summer.

You will need a 4mm or a 4.25mm crochet hook and a 4ply yarn to crochet this.

Falling Leaves Shawl

The brown is a perfect match for the fall, but in a green you could make this for the summer also.

Evening Flower Shawl

Wear this evening shawl by Tracie Barrett as a scarf or as a wrap over the shoulders.

Alluring Shawl

This gorgeous lace shawl is perfect for any season of the year.

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